How does Air Conditioning work in cooling?

Energy is absorbed from one area and released into another

The process requires an indoor unit, an outdoor unit (the pump) and piping to connect both. Through the piping the refrigerant flows from one unit to another. It is the refrigerant that absorbs the energy in one unit and releases it in the other.

1 Indoor unit (evaporator)

A fan blows the hot indoor air over a heat exchanging coil through which cold refrigerant flows. The cold refrigerant absorbs the heat from the air and cooled air is blown into the room.

2 Copper pipe work

The refrigerant circulates through the units and the piping, taking the heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit.

3 Outdoor unit (condensing unit)

Through compression, the refrigerant gas is heated and its boiling point increases. In the outdoor unit the obtained heat, through compression, is released to the outdoor air by means of a fan which blows the outdoor air over a heat exchanging coil.

4 Refrigerant

The liquid refrigerant flows to the indoor unit.

5 Indoor unit

Within the indoor unit, the refrigerant is decompressed through a expansion device and causing the liquid to boil thus enabling the extraction of heat form the indoor air.

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