Aspen Cooling Ltd is dedicated to the safety of our staff, customers, and the public

Safety has always been at the heart of everything we do. COVID-19 has not only changed the world, creating new challenges in all aspects of life, but it has also pushed us to take safety one step further, considering new factors and overcoming new problems.

We have made many changes to our working procedures, to ensure the safety of all staff, customers and members of public, so that we can continue to offer the same level of service, following government guidelines at all times. Minimising risk and offering peace of mind in what has been a very unnerving time for everyone.

Aspen Cooling Ltd have adopted the Governments ‘Hands, Face, Space’ campaign into our daily working procedures:



Our staff and engineers are instructed to wash their hands at regular intervals. Hand sanitiser is available to all members of staff so that hands can be cleaned before and after using any piece of equipment.


Face masks are worn by our engineers, at all times while on site. Helping to protect our customers and prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


We have taken all necessary steps to provide a safe working space for our employees, supporting working from home where possible and providing a safe environment for the key workers in the office and on site.