So what about heating?

Heating mode (Heat Pump)


Heat pumps systems are air conditioners which can be used both for cooling and heating. The principle is that it is able to reverse the process of transporting heat from one place to another.

Energy efficiency? 
Heat pumps are much more energy efficient than other heaters. The reason for this is simple: rather than burning a fuel, what it does is 'moving heat'. Because of this heat pumps are up to five times more energy efficient than other heaters.

Heat pumps additionally allow the refrigerant cycle to be reversed.  A heat pump extracts energy from the outdoor and transfers the free heat indoors.  This principle even continues to function on very cold days with temperatures down to -5°C, -10°C or -15°C, depending on the type of air conditioning system used.

Cooling mode Heating mode
working diagram - cooling
working diagram - heat

Therefore, heat pumps eliminate the need for a heating system and allow you to cool and heat with the same unit, with savings in costs and energy throughout the year.

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