Frequently Asked Questions

Do refrigerants harm the ozone layer?

Some do and others do not, however it is a very complex issue and needs more space than we have here. In principle all refrigerants handled by competent companies and technicians will never be released to the atmosphere so will not deplete the ozone layer. Because accidents happen, alternative refrigerants are being developed all the time, but it is important to note that refrigerants are not a major problem as many other contaminates cause global warming problems. Primary problems are caused by burning fossil fuels in power stations and in industry, petrol and diesel engines also contribute.

Can I catch legionella from my air conditioning?

It is highly unlikely, you are more likely to catch it from a shower head in a hotel room that has not been used for a long period of time. legionella can be caught from the aerosol type spray of infected water cooling towers of larger, older and poorly maintained air conditioning and refrigeration systems.